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'We are products of our environment, and there are reasons we make the choices we do. We are all so quick to judge each others actions, but what if you were faced with something unimaginable. Behind every closed door there is a story, we wanted to delve into that, look at an end result and work backwards. What factors caused it? What was inevitable? What could have been different? When did the beginning become the end?', says Interval's founder and co-writer on the new STREETS book, Tori Allen-Martin.

A brand new, 'new kind of musical', featuring an original score, and using a cross art form approach to tell it's story. Actors, commercial dancers, a beatboxer, a live band and vocalists. Once again the Interval Productions team bring you an exciting, hard hitting new piece of theatre that puts a microscope on a group of friends growing up on London's Streets.

Join a group of friends as they struggle to make ends meet and to carve out their future paths. Watch them make decisions that will shape the rest of their lives, see them fall in and out of love, and ask yourself.... what would YOU do?

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For a generation that live a lot of our lives online, and tend to sit back and enjoy rewards and rights inherited from the more pro-active generations that came before us, the 2011 riots were a bit out of character. They suggested that something was seriously wrong and that a group of young people wanted to be heard. It would be easy to dismiss them as ‘chavs’, ‘yobs’, ‘scum’, as they were heavily branded by the press and across our own social networking pages, but we wanted to delve deeper. These people had a story to tell – so why weren’t we listening?

From a statement made by a London teen, Chavez Campbell, who predicted the riots a week before they happened, and a handful of quotes from youtube videos young people had made, exploring the riots and the impact that they had had on their communities, we took Finn Anderson’s original concept about a gang living in Scotland, and completely redesigned the piece. The book was completely rewritten by Sarah Henley and Tori Allen-Martin, who added and removed characters and twisted story lines. The standard musical theatre style of characters bursting into song was replaced by a band featuring vocalists and a beatboxer, so that the songs appeared much as they would in a film, to emote the things that the characters couldn’t say. Old songs were scrapped, new songs written & a new version of ‘STREETS’ was born.